About Us

We're on a quest to make all of life's financial choices easier to understand. Our tools and guidance make it easy to pay off debt expertly, pick the right financial goods and services (such as credit cards and insurance), and tackle big life goals such as home ownership plus retirement investments. We believe in providing people with the tools and information they need to achieve. That begins right here in the workplace, where we aspire to create a snack-filled environment that is inclusive, relaxed, and modern.

We're all operating remotely right now to keep our group and ourselves secure, but we carry the same driving values to our dispersed office — with the exception of a few treats. We expect you to be able to do your best job, whether you're in San Francisco or Scranton. So we work tirelessly to ensure that teamwork is smooth, they have all they need to work happily from home, and our culture will thrive wherever we are.

Our fundamental principles drive all of our work. These principles provide a common basis for teamwork and development around the enterprise as we aim to deliver on our commitment to clarify all of life's financial choices. We are constantly developing innovative and creative ways to engage in and promote job growth. Quarterly hackathons, special orientation and management classes, and other events help us flourish both socially and professionally.

Never be concerned with making time for hobbies or taking breaks from your desk (for vacation, a new baby or the sniffles). We have unlimited paid time off, 100% paid maternity leave, and many ways to give back and have fun. We enjoy giving back, and Pay It Forward, our employee-led volunteer scheme, allows us to do so. We collaborate with local groups all year to positively affect our neighboring cities, as well as coordinate workplace matched contributions.